Monday and Tuesday Prompts

April 19, 2017


Looking back to last week and enhancing what we worked on–As you write, think about setting and making it real for the reader.

Setting–or sense of place–grounds your reader, makes her feel like she is in that place you’ve written about. You should have lots of clues and reminders of where your characters are. Think putting in something every page or two keeps the reader grounded–a smell, a sound etc. And don’t forget to use all five senses–don’t let the character just see and hear things, but smell them, touch them, taste them. Place can become a character in a skilled writer’s hands.

Look through your novel. YOU know where you are, but will your reader be able to pick out the location? Will she hear the train roar past? Feel the ground shaking? See the cute conductor waving? Smell the heat? Taste the exhaust?

Does each page have a bit of sense of place? Even one hint of where the characters are? Go through, reading just for place.

How did you do?

Remember that place will include some things that may be different depending on the character. If the young love in the story has always lived in Utah, he might not really notice the surrounding mountains like someone coming to Utah from Florida will. That same fella may only see green when he goes to Disney World after having  been raised in a western desert. Age also shows what’s important to a character. A child will see and hear and taste etc different things than a 12-yr-old, a teen, an adult. Why? Perspective. What’s important to them.

Always ask yourself, where are we in time and place.

Your reader, and editor, will thank you.




What pet would your main character have?


What kind of role would this pet play in the plot?




A Café Chat With Literary Agent Stephen Fraser

August 1, 2014

Here’s a wonderful interview with my agent Steve Fraser!


A Café Chat With Literary Agent Stephen Fraser

GP 1

Lindsay: Hi there, Steve, and welcome to the Eastern Penn Points Café! We’re so happy to have you here to chat today. As we settle into our booth, what are you drinking?

SF 2

Steve: Well, my current obsession is iced chai. How’s that?

Lindsay: Sounds good to me. I think I’ll try one, myself. What’s that you’re snacking on?

Steve: A madeleine, of course.

Lindsay: Now, tell us, what is one book that has changed your life in some important way?

Steve: Well, two books really shaped my artistic sense: Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia Maclachlan, a truly perfect middle grade novel which has Hemingway-like spareness and Vermeer-like clarity and the young adult novel Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block which made me see the power and possibilities of prose-writing for teens. Both truly unique voices are peerless.

SF 3SF 4

Lindsay: If you could…

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Kyra Leigh. Queen Bee

December 18, 2013

So here I am again.
Even though the real writers are who you want to hear from.

Where is Ann Dee?
Where is my sicko Mother?

(NOTE FROM CAROL–Sicko or not, I posted on Monday)

I guess you get to hear from me. haha

Christmas shopping and holiday spirit has taken a lot of my time.
But I’m still rewriting like crazy.

I even went to writers group on Monday. {it was fun. Not sure how I feel about reading my stuff aloud. sometimes I’m worried my comments are too harsh, and the other girls comments aren’t harsh enough ha ha}

I’m a hundred pages in this rewrite, I’m worried that it’s not going well. This is the first time I’ve actually read this novel.
What if it sucks?
What if it’s awful?

I guess I don’t know. Just keep writing I suppose.

Happy almost Christmas everyone. You won’t be hearing from me next Wednesday for obvious reasons. {Gifts and eggnog!}


Monday, Monday

September 30, 2013

So last week my computer crashed.

That means we didn’t have two or three days of blog.


If I post today, it means I was able to make my laptop do its job.


So, I have been thinking about several things.

Yes, it was my birthday.

And I received two very nice cards. One card that brought tears to my eyes.

And that card made me think even harder.

About all kinds of things.


Like my family and my writing and my attitude.

Yes! I know it! No one has to tell me I have a bad attitude.

Plus the other crummy things about me (that I try to keep hidden but unfortunately my poor girls have to deal with).


So, the deal is I have just under a year before I have another birthday and I want to work like crazy to see if I can be a better person. Better on the inside and on the outside. Better in my health, and better in my thoughts. Better at the way I look at things. 


I once went to a therapist. (Okay, I went more than once.) And I told her I have really bad luck. And she said, no, my bad luck was all in my head. Then she saw me on the news after a freak accident and said to me, I guess you do have bad luck.


But I have wondered if I bring that bad luck on me because of my stinky attitude.


So I want to work on that, too. I invite anyone to join me.

Because part of my change is looking at myself more professionally. If I do, maybe I’ll start making money as a writer. You know, enough to live on so I can quit worrying.


Here is my writing goal for October:

1. Write daily. Write 1000-2500 words per day.

2. Finish a rough draft of my funny ghost novel.

3. Try to write an outline for two other novels. Not a deep outline like J. Scott Savage does. Just something loose that gives me ideas and direction.

4. Get all the conference stuff done in october so we can go live with the website on January 1, 2014.


Share goals or thought or dreams or whatever. 

We still have to  think and plan for November and NaNoWriMo.

And after that February when we will write our romance novels.

Then we’ll all be rolling with the homies.


Just Keep A-Writing

November 28, 2011

Something weird is going on with my blogging.

Don’t know what.

I tried to post earlier but couldn’t find a way. Sorry.


Have three words for you:

Just. Keep, Writing.


While I will not reach my NaNo goal, I am pushing to the end.

And Emily inspired me.

She was way ahead before thanksgiving when we tlked and I thought, “I can still try.”

So I am.


See you all next week.

Hope this posts.

Hello world!

December 2, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!